Anonymous asked:
what are you thinking about right now?

Just tomorrow a little bit

Anonymous asked:
I could b ur dream girl!

Nobody wants that, that’s not a thing.

my name is black hole
and hell follows
yawning black void
sloshing full of feel-no-more
let me engulf you
feed this

So today I quit the job I’ve had for almost four years without having a replacement.

I’ll be losing my house soon because my best friend is moving to Hawaii.

I refuse to let anyone close to me because I’m fucked up and have commitment issues.

But hey, I’m in a pretty good mood and I have 4 beers left, so no harm, right?

[33-34/100] → scarlett johansson



Andrew W.K.’s party tips are v v important to me.



*the sound of raindrops and the smell of fir branches*